8 Government Grants for Nonprofit Organizations in Ontario and the Rest of Canada

Not-for-profit organizations or NFPs exist for a higher purpose. Even so, while NFPs do not operate for money, they do need money to operate. And given the important nature of the work they do, they must have access to funds at all times.

Most NFPs are skillful at creating development programs for communities. Yet, few are adept at obtaining grants for nonprofit organizations. This lack of financial acumen often leaves many questions unanswered. However, one stands out: where can NFPs get the money they need?

The urgency of this question only intensifies with the ongoing pandemic. Registered charities, a generous sponsor, or a kind donation would be harder to come by, given the enormous strain that the economy is under. While the problems that ail many communities, the very reason that NFPs exist, still prevail. The current situation calls for more aid, not less.

Canada has many funding programs to help NFPs in their unique objectives. The key is finding the ones where your NFP would qualify. Or, you can consult with an expert in sourcing funds, like EVAMAX.

Below are some government grants available in Ontario and the rest of Canada.

The FedNor Grants for Nonprofits Ontario

FedNor is an organization created by the federal government. It helps communities in Northern Ontario make an impact on the region’s economy.

FedNor provides support directly to profit organizations, but it also helps communities and NFPs create the right economic growth conditions. The program aims to enable business growth and competitiveness in local communities. It includes projects involved in commercializing products and helping them enter into new markets.

FedNor also recognizes the impact of the COVID-19 virus on the regional economy. It aims to support nonprofit organizations hardest hit by the pandemic. Through its Regional Relief and Recovery Fund, NFPs could receive up to $500,000 in government funding.

The Northern Development Initiative Trust

Foundations corporations like the NDIT are established through provincial legislation. It aims to stimulate economic growth throughout central and northern British Columbia. This funding source invests in community projects at the grassroots level. It also works closely with municipalities in building a strong economy.

Northern Development has many grants for nonprofits Ontario area. Projects that accelerate economic development and innovation are eligible to apply.

If you qualify, you will get grant funding for various economic development activities. It includes renovating multi-use facilities, improving the façade of business establishments, and revitalizing roads and town centers.

The Eastern Ontario Development Fund

The EODF is a government program designed to spur economic growth in the region. It supports small businesses, municipalities, and not-for-profit organizations by providing financial support and more.

The program offers grants for nonprofits that create job opportunities and build talent. It also helps communities attract innovation-based investments from the private sector.

NFPs who wish to apply must have the private sector’s support and have a project worth at least $100,000. Those who qualify can reimburse 50% of eligible project costs up to $1.5 million.

The Strategic Economic Infrastructure Program

This program supports projects that help strengthen the communities in Northern Ontario. Job creation and business diversification are the main goals. Municipalities, nonprofit organizations, and educational institutions may apply individually. They can also partner with local services boards, organizations, and the private sector. Qualified applicants will be given 50% funding for eligible costs up to $1 million.

The Ontario Trillium Foundation

The Ontario Trillium Foundation has been serving communities across Ontario for 30 years. They offer grants for nonprofits enabling municipalities to overcome critical barriers to development. Under the program, qualified NFPs stand to receive $5,000 to $500,000 worth of government funding. They can use this fund to complete various community-building projects.

The Rural Alberta Development Fund

This organization aims to strengthen Alberta’s rural communities and organizations. To this end, it helps municipalities create and implement plans for economic development in rural areas. Qualified projects must focus on four core principles. These are economic growth, community capacity, quality of life, and development of skill and learning.

Ontario’s Wood Promotion Programs

The government has many programs that support the forestry sector in Ontario. It includes promoting new practices or investment in the forest sector. It also encourages the mindful consumption of wood in the area.

Projects that help businesses in the main forest industry are eligible to apply. These are the makers of lumber, pulp, and paper. Lower-level businesses that make paper bags, cardboard boxes, or furniture are also qualified.

These programs also support efforts in increasing the need for forest products in Ontario. It includes spreading awareness about local wood products, promoting wood culture, helping businesses enter or expand into new markets, and attracting investments in Ontario’s forestry industry.

The Northern Community Capacity Building Program

This program helps communities promote and support economic growth in Northern Ontario. It applies to existing and new sectors.
Accepted projects will get funds worth 75% of related costs up to $50,000. Regional projects will get funds for 75% of associated costs up to $100,000.

Municipalities and nonprofit organizations may apply alone. They could also pair with the private sector, the federal government, and other agencies.

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