Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster - Project Program (NGen)

NGen’s goal is to strengthen collaboration between manufactures and technology companies to accelerate the development, adoption and scale-up of transformative capabilities in Canadian manufacturing. This program focuses on collaborative transformative manufacturing and technology projects that will leave a lasting legacy for Canada’s advanced manufacturing ecosystem.

How Much Funding?

- Up to 44.4% of project cost
- Total project costs should be between $500K and $20M

Who Qualifies?

- For-profit and not-for-profit organizations that facilitate and fund R&D and whose funding is received primarily from private-sector organizations
- Any member of the Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster
- Incorporated in Canada
- Minimum of 3 partners through NGen
- Project with 2 partners will be considered if costs are under $5M
- At least one SME partner needs to be involved

Eligible Activities & Expenditures

Projects must involve advanced manufacturing and include one of the following:
- IP commercialization strategy development
- Business case development
- Technical program development
- Risk mitigation planning
- Technology development
- Manufacturing process development
- Manufacturing process scale up from bench-scale toward full-scale

Program Deadline

Ongoing until March 31, 2023



Approval Rate


Time Saved


Fee Saved