Advice for Emerging Female Entrepreneurs

Advice for Emerging Female Entrepreneurs | EVAMAX Group

Entrepreneurship continues to be a promising field for Canadian women, and many female entrepreneurs are starting their own businesses because of greater autonomy and flexibility. Ideas and plans that are perhaps rejected in corporate environments and by investors in initials stages, entrepreneurship can turn into a reality. 

Similar to any bold career decisions, female entrepreneurs share their own set of challenges when creating their own product or service line. Here are some tips you can pick up along your journey: 

Keep an awareness of paths, apart from your own: 

Don’t forget to expand your knowledge in other fields especially technical fields. Gaining technical experiences, whether it is at a beginner or intermediate level should not be overlooked when starting a business. Women are not often exposed to opportunities including side projects or tasks that involve technical skills such as programming, coding and data analysis. 

Next time you have a chance to enhance your technical skills through a project, take on a project that will enhance your technical skills, lean in and do it. Whether it is not your field of expertise, it is beneficial to have awareness in various fields. As an entrepreneur, you’ll have a better understanding of where to find or create solutions for challenges you’ll encounter.  

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Seeking Resources:  

Understand what resources are already available to you and what you can acquire to nurture your dream into a reality. Find and seek out value in your surroundings and determine its applicability to your business. You must have been surrounded by the constant promotion of gender diversity and equality in the business entrepreneurship industry.

While this promotion is addressing a significant issue, taking advantage of this “trend” is critical. Whether it’s taking an opportunity to market your brand at a local female business networking event or gathering funding allocated for women in business.

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The Canadian government is keen on supporting female entrepreneurs throughout their journey, by providing grants such as the Woman Entrepreneurship Fund, BDC Capital Woman in Tech Venture Fund, Farm Credit Canada, Venture Capital Canada, Export Development Canada: Woman In Trade, Women’s Program Investments, Farm Credit Canada’s Woman Entrepreneur Program. Attend funding, grants consultations and have your proposals ready to send out to these pools of capital.  

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Don’t stop at planning and strategizing, take action today: 

Although planning and strategizing your vision is an integral part of establishing your own business, don’t hold back on acting upon your plans. Start by becoming an expert in your own vision, by understanding what your brand means to you and what it can mean to your audience. Be ready to communicate this on various platforms, including networking sessions and social media marketing.

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 Be sure to invest in yourself during this process. Attend conferences, read books and watch documentaries related to your goals, stay healthy and be sure to spend time with supportive family and friends. No hesitations – start today and check off your to-do lists. 

Establishing your business can take a while while focusing on your outcome and the end goal take just as much time to focus on the process. Try making the process a little more exciting and desirable! Take time to yourself and give yourself credit for both successes and trials & errors.  

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