Alberta Innovates – Product Demonstration Program (PDP)

Program Overview

The Product Demonstration Program (PDP) of Alberta Innovates initiative looks to provide Alberta-based companies with the opportunity to develop novel and innovative technologies. The government of Alberta and the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade are providing incentives for your business to reduce time to market and commercialize your product.

In 2015, Alberta Innovates (AI) surveyed and identified key performance indicators identified by businesses that led to the success of technology development and implementation. One key factor pointed out by several companies was establishing a partner who could help transition from prototyping to sales. As a result, Alberta Innovates created the Product Demonstration Program to help companies with novel technologies find a strategic partner who could aid in the sales department.

Eligible Companies

To qualify as an Applicant, an Alberta SME is required to satisfy the following criteria:
• be a for-profit SME;
• demonstrate that the SME has engaged with a strategic partner(s), and that the relationship does
not create a conflict of interest;
• have a physical presence in Alberta;
• meet the following definition of an SME: a company with fewer than 500 Full-Time employees, and
less than $50,000,000 annual gross revenue;
• be a legal entity:
1. incorporated in Alberta; or
2. incorporated federally or in another jurisdiction and extra-provincially registered in Alberta; or
3.  a General Partnership, Limited Partnership or Limited Liability Partnership and registered in
• have no outstanding balance or otherwise owe money to Alberta Innovates or its subsidiaries.

Eligible Projects

To qualify for funding all projects must:
• have the participation of an Alberta-based SME as the Applicant, and at least one Strategic Partner;
• start after the execution of the Agreement between Alberta Innovates and the Applicant and must
have clear, critical “go/no go” milestones;
• be completed within two (2) years unless an extension is specifically approved in writing by Alberta Innovates;
• submit to other criteria that Alberta Innovates may develop from time to time.

Project activities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Technology optimization critical for market acceptance
  • Manufacturing of a prototype for a demonstration project
  • Applications for regulatory approval and certifications critical for market acceptance
  • Testing of a prototype in an operational environment
  • Results assessment or verification of technical data.

Eligible Expenditures

  1. Salary and benefits (one-time)
  2. Materials
  3. Capital assets & Software
  4. Sub-contractors


This program offers up to $300,000 in funding over a maximum 2-year project. The funding amount will be determined on a per-company basis depending on the needs of your business. The amount funded by Alberta Innovates must be matched by the applicant.

Application Deadline

This program has a continuous intake period.


For assistance in preparing your submission and to position your application for approval contact EVAMAX Group to help you with the process.

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