Automotive Supplier Competitiveness Improvement Program (ASCIP) – Stream 2 – Mentorship Pilot Program

The partnership between the Automotive Parts Manufacturer’s Association (APMA), or also Automotive Supplier Competitiveness Improvement Program (ASCIP), the Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) and the Province of Ontario’s Ministry of Economic Development and Growth (MEDG) supports the auto parts sector in adopting industry leading software, hardware and/or provide training to improve processes and increase the competitiveness of the industry in Ontario. Intake period is accepting applications as of now until November 28, 2018.

Who Qualifies:

Automotive Suppliers

  • Small and medium sized Ontario-based enterprises (firms with either fewer than 500 employees globally or global revenues of less than $1 billion)
  • Larger firms are eligible, but must partner with at least one Ontario-based small and medium-sized enterprise
  • At least 50 per cent of the firm’s total sales revenue must come from auto supply sector


Eligible Project: Stream 2 – Mentorship Pilot Program:

  • Eligible projects must focus on operational efficiency and competitiveness improvements. Adoption of advanced IT technologies may be included as part of the project overall scope.


  • Stream 2 will provide grants to Ontario-based small and medium-sized auto parts supplier firms that conduct projects to improve operational efficiency and competitiveness through the organizational adoption of lean manufacturing practices.


  • The mentors will be automotive industry experts with background and expertise in lean manufacturing process efficiency to assist suppliers with specific business development needs.  They will be identified in collaboration between the Applicant Company and APMA, and matched based on project outcomes and overall company goals.


  • The services provided by the mentor will qualify as an eligible cost for selected projects. OCE will contract with a company and reimburse up to 50 per cent of the total eligible project costs, or up to $100,000 per project, whichever is lower, with the company funding the remainder with matching cash contributions.


Evidently, there are several sources of funding offered for training. For assistance in preparing your submission and to position your application for approval contact EVAMAX Group to help you with the process.


You may also email us at or call 1-877-711-7733.



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