10 CRM Software Best for Your Business

10 CRM Software is Best for Your Business | EVAMAX Group

The term CRM, customer relationship management, refers to managing and retaining customer relationships in hopes of improving overall business operations as well as profitability. Through CRM systems, companies can record and organize their customer data which in turn increases efficiency and productivity throughout the business.

Listed below are the top 10 CRM software systems used in Canada according to Wesuggestsoftware.com 

1) CompanyHub

CompanyHub integrates automation features in their CRM software to remind users of follow-ups and other tasks automatically. This software places a high focus on converting more of your leads into actual paying customers or in other words, improve overall customer retention and relationships. It also allows you to incorporate other applications used in your sales cycle, such as API integration and Piesync, rather than navigating each system individually. 

Price: $24 per user/month  

2) bpm’online

The winner of the 2017 Great User Experience Award is a comprehensive CRM software providing many benefits to its users. The bpm’online software offers three different systems, bpm’online marketing, bpm’online sales, and bpm’online service, that can be used either individually or in collaboration to decrease inefficiencies and streamline processes. 

Price: $25 per user/month (also offers yearly payment) 

Suitable enterprises: Medium and large-sized businesses 

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3) Maximizer

Maximizer Software is an adaptable, accessible, and customizable CRM system applicable to companies of any size. Pertaining to the nature of your company and business needs, Maximizer offers customized CRM solutions through organizing accurate customer history as well as enabling accessibility from any device with an internet connection.  

Price: $60/year 

Suitable enterprises: Small, medium and large-sized businesses 

4) Solve360

Solve360 is multi-platform support software that is user-friendly through its contact management tool and simplistic CRM solutions. This software can be used on the go via your mobile device as well as other platforms.  

Price: $25-$50 per user/month 

Suitable enterprises: Small and medium-sized businesses 

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5) Infoflow

Infoflow is an easy to use software that offers convenient data accessibility to users. This software allows the integration of other applications, such as outlook and social media, into your CRM solutions. For a one-time fee of $99, users are offered lifetime access as well as free software upgrades implemented into the software over time. 

Price: $99 one-time fee 

Suitable enterprises: Small and medium-sized businesses 

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6) SugarCRM

Being an open-source CRM system, SugarCRM enables customers to customize their CRM solutions in accordance to their business needs. This system provides different software for marketing, sales and services while still enabling integration on mobile devices as well as the ability to tailor the software in a way that most benefits the user.  

Price: Starting at approximately $45 per user/month 

Suitable enterprises: Small and medium-sized businesses 

7) SageCRM

The SageCRM software is a multi-platform system that integrates a key sage solution to increase the user’s understanding of their customers. Through the software’s convenient accessibility, SageCRM is able to offer improved business process automation as well as refined software configuration. 

Price: Monthly or yearly payments 

Suitable enterprises: Small, medium and large-sized businesses 

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8) SalesboomCRM

Depending on the size and nature of your company, SalesboomCRM offers three different plans that users can select based on what will be the most beneficiary to them. Salesboom features a user-friendly interface that automates several customer management processes for your convenience. 

Price: $14-$95 per user/month 

Suitable enterprises: Small, medium and large-sized businesses 

9) Salesforce CRM

Salesforce is an industry leader regarding CRM software and provides customization options for users of all businesses in accordance to their needs. This software includes features such as market automation, lead management, workflow data, real-time data tracking, analytical tools and more. Although Salesforce is not as simple or user-friendly as other CRM softwares, those who are tech-savvy enough will find the system to be very beneficial to their company. 

Price: $25/month 

Suitable enterprises: Small, medium and large-sized businesses 

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10) Zoho CRM

Zoho implements several different features in their software to provide convenient user experiences, such as multichannel communication, automation, sales productivity, and more. While supporting other integrations, like social media, Zoho is able to organize customer data and ultimately increase the company’s sales pipeline.  

Price: $50/month (yearly payment option as well) 

Hubspot CRM

This software offers three different systems, Sales Hub, Marketing Hub, and Service Hub, to streamline processes and inefficiencies. Some of the features included in the Hubspot software are organizing leads and contacts, recording customer interactions, scheduling appointments and more. HubSpot is an easy to use platform with no training required that works to grow your business pipeline. 

Price: Starting at $50 per user/month 

Suitable enterprises: Small, medium and large-sized businesses 

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