COJG (Canada Ontario Job Grant)

The Canada Ontario Job Grant or COJG program helps employers invest in training for current and future employees, in hopes to increase Ontario’s labour force through skill development. Through this program, the employer applies on behalf of their employee(s) for eligible training costs.

How Much Funding?

Existing employees: Up to 83%, to a maximum of $10,000/ trainee. Unemployed hire: Up to 100%, to a maximum of $15,000/ trainee

Who Qualifies?

Licensed businesses operating in Ontario that meet requirement are eligible to apply

Eligible Activities & Expenditures

Training existing or potential employees to fill current or future positions.
* Training must be delivered in Ontario and is related to a job that is also located in Ontario
* Training providers must be third-party partners, separate and distinct from the employer
* Training must be the main business activity of the training provider

Program Deadline

First come, first served basis. Best to apply early in April.



Approval Rate


Time Saved


Fee Saved