CME Technology Assessment Program (TAP)

The Technology Assessment Program connects SME’s manufacturers in southern Ontario with qualified experts to get customized technology assessments.

How Much Funding?

100% to a maximum of $25,000

Who Qualifies?

Southern Ontario
- Be a manufacturer based in Southern Ontario per the census map
- Incorporated business for 2 years or more continuously
- Must demonstrate financial stability
- Must have greater than 15 and fewer than 500 FTE employees maximum in Southern Ontario
- Not receiving other contributions toward the activities contained in the funding application from other government funded programs

Eligible Activities & Expenditures

Technology assessments by qualified experts to identify where potential operational efficiencies could be achieved. Technology assessments can focus on areas such as:
- Productivity
- Process flow
- Quality (for example, ISO Certification)
- Waste reduction
- Environmental impact (various green certifications)
- Energy efficiency (production level)
- Information and management system

Program Deadline

December 31, 2021



Approval Rate


Time Saved


Fee Saved