CRM Blockchain Startup Receives Funding to Launch New Platform

CRM Blockchain Startup Receives Funding to Launch New Platform

The Cere Network, a blockchain CRM company, has recently received funding through NEO Global Capital, Arrington XRP Capital, and Binance Labs.

The Cere Network was apart of Binance Lab’s Incubation Program, in which Binance provides incumbents with seed funding, mentorship, network opportunities, and more in order to empower blockchain and cryptocurrency projects. 

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With the venture capital financing received, Cere Network plans on developing the world’s first blockchain CRM and customer data (CDP) platform/ecosystem. 

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The blockchain platform being constructed will unlock customer data trapped in current CRM and CDP systems. From a functionality standpoint, the platform will capture all customer interactions, including transactions, on a custom blockchain platform that promotes secure data collaboration and integration through an open microservices platform. 

Essentially, Cere Network plans on tracking the entire customer journey and experience through blockchain.  

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Despite blockchain being one of the fastest-growing software in the world, it is difficult to extract customer information as the data is often fragmented across multiple CRM systems. 

With many current CRM platforms and other centralized software systems often costly and inefficient, Cere’s system will facilitate secure data transactions and collaboration through collaborative microservices.  

According to Fred Jin, CEO of Cere Network, “Our mission with Cere Network is to leverage blockchain to empower businesses to have control over their own data and unlock the potential of collaborative microservices on top of the unsiloed user data.”

Through a decentralized platform, Cere’s CRM and CDP ecosystem will enable secure data sharing and acquisition among users. Businesses and brands will have the ability to increase the potential and flexibility for collaboration through encrypted customer data. 

The on-demand marketplace will use CERE tokens as a method of currency for the services included in the platform and act as an incentive for running their blockchain and data nodes. 

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For companies, having everything right in the palm of their hands provides an effective solution to efficiently acquire accurate customer data. 

Despite entering a highly competitive market that features companies such as IBM and SAP, Cere Network has the potential to be the front-runner in the blockchain sector.

They look to provide one of the first venues for brands, apps, businesses, and other assets to be integrated with one another through blockchain technology.  In a CRM industry that is expected to grow to $35 billion in 2023, the room for advancement and growth is unlimited. 

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