Clean Tech Company? Cut Down Production Costs Further with Grants 

Clean Tech Company Cut Down your Production Costs Further with Grants 

Funding for Clean Tech and Sustainable Technologies 

Businesses involved in the green energy sectors are not only part of a prosperous market segment but are also eligible for numerous government grants that are yet to be taken advantage of.  

As the international economy recognizes the benefits of transitioning towards decreased carbon use and emissions, Canada’s focus on supporting the development of the Clean Energy Sector increases. This focus translates into an initiative carried through funding programs available within the Clean Technology and Innovation pillar of the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change.  

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The following are the Clean Energy Sector’s Mission: 

  • Improving efficiency and processes to reduce emissions from energy end-use 
  • Accelerating benefits of low-emitting heat and power  
  • Developing cleaner hydrocarbon and renewable fuel options 
  • Maintaining resilient energy systems to protect Canadians in changing energy sector 

If your energy, tech company’s visions resonate with this mission as well as the Pan-Candian Framework, it’s imperative to take advantage of these funding opportunities provided by the Canadian government.  

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Speaking of funding opportunities, the Energy Innovation Program (EIP)  is a heavily invested funding program by the Government of Canada. The EIP supports businesses that reduce emission, through Research and Development projects as well as  Development and Demonstration of clean energy technologies.

Within this program, grants such as the Strategic Innovation Fund and Innovative Solutions Canada are available and worth up to $140 million. These grants help Canadians who want to grow and/or start in the clean energy sector.  

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Not only are grants available to large businesses that are seeking greater funding, but small businesses grants are also abundant within the clean energy sector. Including the SD Tech Fund Grants available through Sustainable Development Technology Canada, Smart Grid Fund Government Grants Ontario Eligibility and Ontario Power Authority Conservation Fund Small Business Grants.  

Alongside seeking funding opportunities, joining a network with similar goals and values further push your own company’s vision for development in the green tech industry. The Clean Growth Hub is one of the networks that connect Canadian businesses.   

In order to:  

  • financially support companies that develop clean technology and innovation  
  • Connect businesses that share fundamental values regarding sustainable energy innovation and research 
  • Host events to attract a fresh audience and ideas 
  • Gather Information regarding previously funded projects, that help assess your own company’s application and criteria for qualifying for funding  

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Clean technology and energy businesses contribute to a sustainable Canadian economy while protecting our environment and natural resources. Increased openings and demand for clean technology in the domestic and global markets are gaps proactive green tech industries are capitalizing on.  

Part of EVAMAX’s mission is to help cleantech companies in Canada identify these grants/funding opportunities that support business expansion, growth and increase R&D as well as prepare paperwork for them.

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