Dairy Processing Investment Fund

This program aims to assist dairy processors in adapting to market changes resulting from the Canadian-European Union’s economic trade agreement.

How Much Funding?

Up to 50% on the first $2 million, up to 25% afterwards, maximum of $10 million

Who Qualifies?

- For-profit small and medium cheese makers (less than 500 employees)
- For-profit large cheese makers and dairy processors involved in processing dairy products in Canada whose projects have benefits that accrue broadly
- Not-for-profit organizations involved in or representing the dairy processing sector in Canada

Eligible Activities & Expenditures

- Construction, expansion and/or modernization of dairy processing establishments in Canada
- Improving manufacturing technologies and processes or the introduction of new/improved products
- Engagement of external expertise/consultants related to the implementation, certification, or validation of plant improvements

Program Deadline

Until March 31, 2023



Approval Rate


Time Saved


Fee Saved