Ecosystem Development Partnerships Program: Filling the Gaps in Alberta’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Ecosystem Development Partnerships Program

Ecosystem Development Partnerships Program

Innovation can be considered as an integral part of society because one cannot experience growth without it. Alberta Innovates leads and accelerates innovation from discovery to use across all sectors in all parts of the province.

Is your entity taking part in innovation and research and in need of assistance? Well look no further, because Alberta Innovates is here to support you as your business embarks on a journey filled with growth and innovation. Alberta Innovates offers a program called The Ecosystem Development Partnerships (“EDP”) Program, which aims to enable research and innovation across the Province of Alberta. The program’s main objective is to fill ecosystem gaps along the client journey that will; provide communities, services, and supports for inventors and entrepreneurs traversing the client journey. The EDP also aims to support key markets with the ability to implement and adopt innovations along with accelerating development and/or application of emerging technologies and technology companies.

Type of Funding Available

The Program provides support for up to a three-year project term. The funding amount for individual projects is based on the outcomes and quality of the proposed project.  Funding is paid directly to the applicant and disbursed upon receipt and approval of a milestone-based report. At Alberta Innovates’ discretion and based on the project need, a payment upon execution of the investment agreement may be considered to accelerate the project.

Eligible Applicants

The Program is open to:

  • Post-secondary Institutions
  • For-Profit Organizations*
  • Government Entities
  • Non-Profit/Not-for Profit Organizations
  • Associations/Consortia/Societies

*For-Profit Organizations will be considered based on the nature of the services provided; however, nonprofit is preferred.

In addition, to qualify for funding, the Applicant must:

  • Exist as a corporate person, with up-to-date corporate filings
  • Be authorized to undertake the proposed project, and execute a grant with Alberta Innovates on our standard terms
  • Not otherwise be prohibited from receiving Alberta Innovates funding, for instance due to a past bad debt or otherwise not be in good financial standing with Alberta Innovates or its subsidiaries, InnoTech Alberta and C-FER Technologies
  • Applicants are not required to be based in Alberta but must demonstrate a clear value proposition for Alberta

Eligible Projects

To qualify for funding, all Projects must:

  • Align with the objectives of the Program
  • Serve the needs of the ecosystem
  • Include critical “go/no go” milestones
  • Be completed within a three-year term
  • Comply with other criteria that Alberta Innovates may develop from time to time

Rather than supporting the applicant’s individual needs, this program supports the applicant’s ability to help Alberta innovators succeed and drive collaboration. It is also important to note that The Ecosystem Development Partnerships (“EDP”) Program does not support research projects, or product development projects at companies or post-secondary institutions.


All interested applicants are strongly encouraged to register their intent to apply by August 2, 2022, at 12:00 PM MST/ 2:00 PM EST

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