FAQ about innovation funding

EVAMAX serves clients across all of Canada. There are grants and incentives applicable Canada-wide and for specific provinces. Learn more about the grants and incentives available in your region of interest below.

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Yes. As a matter of fact, SR&ED has more incentives for small companies than larger corporation.

There are a number of grants available depending on your location/geography. See full list, here

Availability of grants varies from one industry to another. You can select your industry first or see full list of innovation grants, here.

Refer to the link here. If you believe you are fulfilling the basic qualification requirements, contact us today for a no obligation consultation. You can also call us at 1-877-711-7733

No. As a matter of fact, more than 85% of our clients are claiming 1 or more innovation & other grants, beside SR&ED. Check out the list of other Innovation grants here.

No. There are several other grants specifically available for software companies, including IRAP, Hiring, Training, Exports, etc. Check out the complete list of grants available for Software companies, here.

We wish there was an easier answer! It very well depends on the size of the benefits. Your decision should be based on not only competitive rates, but also technical competence of consulting firm, to get you maximum benefits. Contact Funding Expert today to discuss our competitive rates.

Yes. There are a number of options. Refer to the link here to find out what meets your business needs.

If a grant is applicable to a company primarily depends on the industry, size of business and location of company. Both Federal and Provincial grants keep changing. To find out the most up to date and detailed information, refer to this link.

The program is much more technical than financial. Talk to one of the Technical Specialists at EVAMAX. They will first assess eligibility and potential amount of benefits that you may qualify for. Refer here for more information.

We understand that SR&ED audit may be overwhelming and a distraction from your business focus. No two audit scenarios are same. Refer to this link or contact us.

Yes, we do. Refer to this page to find out what we do specifically in the US.

We are a Nationwide firm. And, have a client based from coast-to-coast. Refer to this to find out our locations.

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