GreenON Food Manufacturing Grant

Program Overview

The GreenON Food Manufacturing program supports Ontario food and beverage processors. The program helps to accelerate greenhouse gas pollution reductions by enhancing the efficient use of inputs, processing, and outputs in the food and beverage processing sector.

Program Benefits

GreenON aims to improve competitiveness and gain access to greenhouse gas emission reduction technologies. This program shortens the pay-back period for implementing innovation that reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Processors can demonstrate corporate social responsibility by being early adopters of greenhouse gas emission reduction technologies.

Who Qualifies

Food and/or Beverage Manufacturers: i.e. any established company that is a manufacturer and is currently directly involved in the transformation of agricultural commodities, food, or beverage in Ontario.


Feed Manufacturers: any established company that is a manufacturer and is directly involved in the production of agri-based bio-products in Ontario may meet the eligibility criteria.

Only projects that are undertaken in Ontario food and beverage processing facilities can qualify for funding.


Two funding streams are available under the GreenON Food Manufacturing program:

  • Retrofit Stream – Reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution through the adoption of proven technologies such as retrofits to improve energy, water, and resource efficiency. The program reimburses 35% of eligible cost of the project up to a maximum of $500, 000.
  • Innovation Stream – Support projects that reduce GHG pollution through the adoption and demonstration of technologies that are lesser known to the food and beverage processing sector in Ontario. The program reimburses 75% of eligible cost of the project up to a maximum of $1,000,000.

Eligible Activities & Expenditures

  1. Capital Expenses (data collection equipment, publications, etc.)
  2. Travel and Living – Domestic
  3. Salaries & Benefits
  4. Operating Expenses (professional fees, office supplies, etc.)


This program accepts applications between April 30 and July 3rd, 2018.  Get a FREE consultation.


(This program has been canceled now by the Ontario Government. You may want to check the grants and funding news.) For assistance in preparing your submission and to position your application for approval contact EVAMAX Group to help you with the process. 

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