Ignite Program: Helping R&D Projects Reach the Market Faster

Ignite Program

Are you doing research and development in B.C., and are looking to commercialize your projects? The Ignite Program is here to help expedite R&D projects in areas of natural resources, engineering, or applied science, so that they can be brought to the market faster. The goal of the program is to aid B.C. businesses with funding to add value to industries, create new jobs, and accelerate the province’s economy.

Type of Funding Available

Eligible projects can get up to $300,000 for R&D.


  • Projects must be in areas of natural resources or applied sciences and must outline the business or industry problem that you are solving
  • Projects must be a B.C.-based partnership, consisting of at least one academic partner (university researcher) and one industry partner (company or organization)
  • Projects must plan to go to the market within a 3-year timeframe
  • 2:1 Funding:
    • Applicants must secure $2 external matching dollars for every $1 requested from the Ignite Program
    • External matching dollars can come from industry, government, or both. A maximum of 50% of matching funds can be from the government such as NSERC, IRAP & Mitacs. A maximum of 50% of matching funds can come from in-kind sources.


The application deadline is July 4, 2022.

The anticipated notice of decision is January 2023. Funding is anticipated to start in March 2023.

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