Innovation Booster: Helping Businesses Conquer Food Innovation Challenges

Innovation Booster

The Innovation Booster provides Small or Medium Enterprises with funds to help overcome obstacles associated with food innovation challenges that help meet commercialization goals. These obstacles are a result of factors faced by SMEs such as capacity limitations, lack of expertise, specialized resources and capabilities needed to take on food innovation and research activities.

Type of Funding Available

Project funding is available for eligible project costs between $20,000 and $200,000 with a maximum level of funding from CFIN equal to 50% of total eligible project costs. Applicants must contribute 5% of total eligible project costs and provide a project management fee of 5% of total eligible project costs.

Eligibility Requirements

  • SME with 499 or fewer employees and less than $50 million in gross revenues
  • Business must be incorporated in Canada
  • Must register to be a CFIN member
  • Address an area of the post-farmgate food production supply chain
  • Identify a specific technical hurdle with a clear methodology
  • Identify a defined goal or outcome that has commercial application
  • Conduct research and development at Technology Readiness Levels required
  • Project should be no more than one year (12 months) in length

Eligible Activities

  • Smart Product and Process Development
    • Health, nutrition & wellness benefits; new robotics applications to increase productivity, food safety and worker safety; AI, sensors, machine learning and big data to improve efficiencies; and emerging science such as cultured protein
  • Food Ecosystem Sustainability
    • Food waste reduction, higher value recovery, circularity and upcycling, green and smart packaging, and efficient use of inputs including energy, water, and carbon
  • Agile and Safe Supply Chains
    • Logistics and supply chain, consumer and customer analytics, food safety, food security; IoT and digital application to food chains, and blockchain, and traceability

Eligible Expenditures

  • Direct Labour
  • Subcontractors and Consultants
  • Direct materials
  • Equipment
  • Other Direct Costs

Project Timeline:

Applications are accepted on a 60-day rolling basis throughout 2022 and are subjected to change based on funding availability. Key dates are March 4th, May 4th, July 7th, and September 10th.

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