Innovation Superclusters Initiatives to help you with interactive content definition

Innovation Superclusters Initiatives

Innovation Superclusters Initiatives

The government of Canada builds programs based on the innovation ecosystem needs in the country.

The Superclusters initiative and supercluster projects annually invest up to $950 million to support private sector business-led innovation superclusters initiative. These innovations have the potential to energize the economies and become engines of growth.

The Innovative Solutions Canada  program is an initiative that seeks technology-based solutions to challenges. Recently, interactive content has been acting as a solution for online brand management for businesses.

Interactive content definition has proven to be effective in providing users a competitive advantage through technological innovation. This innovation comes in the form of interactive infographics being built into a business’ existing websites and platforms.

Interactive content is content that requires active engagement from its consumers. Through this, the viewer becomes an integral part of the dynamic user experience.

If you have used the internet in the last 10 years, you have probably been consuming interactive content without knowing it.

Businesses look to interactive infographics to gain a competitive edge over their competition. It captures users attention and encourages them to act.

Here are 5 ways use interactive infographics for your business:

  1. Interactive Content definition drives awareness
  • The awareness level of content has many benefits
  • It creates buzz around your business and spreads the word for when your customers are ready to make a purchase
  • In this stage, it is important to make users aware that they have a problem to which you present a solution
  • This can be achieved through infographics, quizzes, visuals etc.
  1. Education through Interactive Content
  • The most optimal use of interactive infographics is educational content
  • This is the consideration phase of a customers journey
  • The Science and Economic Development Canada is just one Canadian innovator in the advanced manufacturing sector that is using this technology via interactive content
  • Stats show that over 93% of the interactive group concluded their content was somewhat effective or very effective in educating buyers
  1. Interactive content helps achieve Lead-generating goals
  • Every business must find their unique way of generating leads
  • Interactive infographics such as assessments, calculators, interactive eBooks//Whitepapers are all the most popular forms of interactive content
  • Assessments being the most popular can be used for business-to-business or business-to-customer
  • If a potential customer is interested, an assessment can work early to make them aware of their problem to which your business can turn into a sale by offering a solution to the problem
  1. Interactive content allows you to fill in content gaps
  • Interactive media can also help your business with other content requirements
  • Information such as paid media, events, blogs, social media, and emails can all be presented through the use of interactive content
  • Interactive CTAs drive higher traffic and higher click rates through your website
  • Events can also help you integrate interactive content as your business can generate contacts in the forms of quizzes within this environment
  1. Innovative Solutions with Existing Customers
  • Your business needs to attract customers and to do so, you need a great lead generation strategy
  • It is important to remember that while new customers can make you grow, it is also important to keep existing customers happy
  • Interactive content such as customer newsletters, events and forums can help achieve this
  • It can be integrated into your content for a higher and stronger customer retention

There are many forms of technological innovations available for businesses. There are also numerous grants for your business to help innovate such products.

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