This program is aimed to help small- or medium-sized Quebec businesses improve performance by implementing AI technologies into their processes.

How Much Funding?

1:1 Contribution

Depending on the size of the projects, INVEST-AI can contribute between $10K and $1M

Who Qualifies?

- Be a for profit enterprise legally incorporated under the laws of the Quebec Government or the Government of Canada and must operate a facility in Quebec for the production of goods and services;
- Generate at least $1M in annual sales revenue;
- Have a project related to the application of AI that can directly improve the performance of the firm.

Eligible Activities & Expenditures

Implement AI solutions developed in the short term (maximum two years)

AI project MUST BE related to one or more of the following eligible activities:

- The development or improvement of products or processes using AI;
- Proof of concept of AI-based solutions (e.g. AI prototype development and testing);
- Development, adaptation and validation of AI-based solutions to enable demonstration of these models in real-life situations with potential customers;
- Acquisition, digitization, cleaning and organization of data to be used by the AI solutions (e.g. as part of a machine learning project);
- Quantification and verification steps to obtain certifications for an AI-based solution;
- The intellectual property protection activities resulting from the AI solutions developed;
- Coaching activities for the project carried out by AI specialists.

Program Deadline




Approval Rate


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