Ocean Supercluster

This program is aimed to bring together organizations from all sectors to develop and commercialize globally-relevant ocean solutions. This program is currently closed.

How Much Funding?

1:1 contribution (no maximum or minimum)

Who Qualifies?

- Must be a member of the supercluster (either industry member level or associate level)
(a) for-profit organization;
(b) not-for-profit organization that facilitate and fund research and development and whose funding is received primarily from private sector organizations;
(c) non-federal Crown corporations whose funding is derived from commercial activities.

Eligible Activities & Expenditures

Technology leadership projects (TL Projects): collaborative projects where OSC Members and the OSC co-invest to perform research, development, demonstration, commercialization, and capability-building activities that deliver business value and benefits to participating organizations, the innovation ecosystem, and Canada’s ocean economy.

Program Deadline

This program is currently closed



Approval Rate


Time Saved


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