Canadian pharma-tech company receives $400k in grants from IRAP

Canadian pharma-tech company receives $400k in grants from IRAP

The National Research Council of Canada (NRC)’s program Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP) continues to support Canada’s leading innovative small and medium-sized businesses for over 70 years. 

IRAP recently awarded a funding grant of $400,000 to support a drug delivery project by Rapid Dose Therapeutics Corporation (RDT). The Canadian pharma-tech company provides proprietary drug delivery technologies designed to improve patient outcomes.  

The project that secured the funding grant from IRAP is their cannabis-infused QuickStrip Oral dissolvable film strips.

The oral strips allow the medication to be absorbed into the user’s bloodstream, after being placed on their tongues. It’s presented as quick, convenient, precise and a discrete option for drug consumption. RTD’s product is not only launching an innovative drug delivery method but is also creating new jobs and training existing employees with new technical skills. 

The company focuses on a commitment to clinical research, product development for the healthcare manufacturing industry, including nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and cannabis industries. Within the cannabis sector, RDT provides a turn-key business solution that enables RDT’s QuickStrip proprietary drug delivery technology to be licensed by select partners.

Their service-based annuity contracts drive revenue, enabling rapid expansion into emerging markets. RDT’s commitment lies within creating innovative solutions for multiple consumer segments and future market needs.  

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RTD is a fine example of  Canadian small-medium enterprises’ pharmaceutical and healthcare innovation ideas transforming into reality, through strong financial sourcing.  IRAP will support RTD’s QuickStrip’s commercial development and scale-up manufacturing. While enabling larger-scale production to supply global markets, increasing product performance and strengthening RTD’s company’s IP portfolio.  

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IRAP helps companies build innovation capacity while transforming ideas into products/services. The program collaborates with regional and national organizations on initiatives that support the development and commercialization of technologies by small and medium-sized businesses.  

IRAP primarily supports brands through: 

  • Financial Assistance  
  • Advisory Services  
  • Connection to Business + R&D Expertise  

If you are a company that values: 

  • Providing value-added frontline service to the client 
  • Respecting and investing in the value of people 
  • Building and contributing to partnerships 
  • Maintaining and enhancing technical credibility 
  • Ensuring accountability for quality service and effective use of resources  

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