Private Equity & Venture Capital

Through years of experience, EVAMAX has formed a network of private equity and venture capital firms who offer our clients private funding. Take advantage of EVAMAX’s network and get connected with private investors or investment opportunities that fit with your criteria.

Looking for Private Equity or Venture Capital Funding?

At EVAMAX, we recognize that businesses need both government funding and private funding. For 18+ years EVAMAX has helped businesses maximize government funding for their technological innovations in any of the 16 vertical industries we serve.

Over the years, EVAMAX has helped companies within these innovation-driven industries (including software and IT, clean tech, and biotech) to get private funding. Some of these transactions include:



Management buyouts



Generational transfers

Succession planning

Through our experience, we have built a network of private investors. EVAMAX connects businesses, across North America, with private equity or venture capital funding via our EXAMAX network. A number of our existing clients benefited from EVAMAX’s network. If you are interested in discussing funding options for your business, contact a funding expert today!

For Private Equity or Venture Capital firms: Find New Opportunities

Are you a private equity or venture capital firm looking for compelling investment opportunities in North American companies with any of the following criteria?

Dealing with innovative technologies

Operating in a niche industry

Developing unique, proprietary software or product

If so, EVAMAX can help connect you with the right opportunity! We serve businesses with commercialized, technological innovations across 16 vertical industries (including software and IT, clean tech, biotech)

Through bridging the gap between businesses and private funding, EVAMAX provides benefits to both parties by forming funding connections that meet criteria of both investor group and innovator.
We are always looking to expand our network through partnerships based on the firm’s investment mandate, geography, and size of investment. If you are interested in learning more about joining our EVAMAX network, contact us today.