Space Technology Development Program: Space R&D – Quantum Technologies: Allowing Canada to Strengthen Its Space Sector

The Canadian space industry is one of the many industries within the nation that remains consistent and relevant due to its national demand and global competitiveness which allows it to secure an increased share of commercial and institutional markets worldwide. One of the primary reasons as to why and how Canada ensures that its space industry remains a key player in the international playing field is simply due to its continuous innovation efforts and investments in R&D.

The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) and its Space Technology Development Program (STDP) will aim to strengthen industrial capabilities such as new concepts and products that are related to basic R&D of quantum space technologies. The overall objective is to support the technology development activities of the Canadian space sector. These activities will enable selected Canadian organizations to further their basic R&D capabilities with the ultimate purpose of increasing the commercial potential.

Type of Funding Available

Funding is available in the form of non-repayable contributions. The total funding available under this Announcement of Opportunity (AO) is expected to be approximately $1.5M. For any project, the maximum contribution is $500,000. The overall number of contributions awarded will depend on the availability of funds. Each eligible recipient can be funded for a maximum of 2 projects under this AO.

Approved proposals will be eligible for a total government assistance of up to a maximum of 75% of total eligible project costs. Thus, the maximum assistance of $500,000 will be available for projects with $666,666 of total eligible project costs.

Eligible Applicants

  • Eligible recipients are limited to for-profit and not-for-profit organizations established and operating in Canada, excluding academic institutions.

Eligible Projects

Some of the eligible project topics include the following areas:

Quantum Communications Technologies

  • Technologies allowing distribution of quantum information, such as Quantum Key Distribution for secure communications over large distances in space (e.g., hardware components such as high-efficiency receivers, quantum repeaters and scalable quantum memory).

Advanced Scientific Instruments/Payloads

  • Space Instrument/Payload concepts drawing their performance advantages from recent developments in quantum sensing based on quantum entanglement, squeezed quantum states, superconductivity, and atomic interferometry.

Earth-Based Space Situational Awareness

  • Advanced quantum sensors placed on Earth offering improvements in accuracy and capability over existing solutions for Space Situational Awareness.

Mapping the Near-Earth Environment

  • Applications of quantum computing to space traffic management using quantum computers (may be combined with classical and/or quantum sensors), allowing simulation of more complex space traffic management scenarios than currently possible

Other Topics related to technologies for which the function and/or the performance are based upon recent advancements in quantum science and/or technology


The deadline to apply for this program is September 2nd, 2022.

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