Strategic Innovation Fund - Stream 5 (National Ecosystems)

The Strategic Innovation Fund supports businesses with large projects in innovation efforts that have commercialization potential. This stream supports innovation that will highly impact Canadian ecosystems.

How Much Funding?

- 10%-50% cost sharing
- Focused on projects which request $10 million or more in funding

Who Qualifies?

- Not-for-profit organization or for-profit corporation incorporated in Canada, in collaboration with another Canadian organizations

Partner organizations include:
- Academic and research institutions
- For-profit (including SMEs)
- Not-for-profit entities

*Focus is on Canadian SMEs and high growth industries

Eligible Activities & Expenditures

- Attracting investments
- Improving competitiveness
- Advancing technologies
- Accelerating growth through expansion and facilitating access to diverse domestic and global markets
- Supporting a stronger ecosystem

Focuses on business-led collaboration between multiple organizations to accelerate commercialization in areas with demonstrated Canadian advantage to build Canadian ecosystems

Program Deadline




Approval Rate


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