Strengthening Healthcare Technologies – Life Science Innovation Fund

The Life Science Innovation Fund (LISF) is an early-stage co-investment fund that supports companies in the Life Sciences and Healthcare Technologies sectors related to human health. The fund is aimed at addressing the unique challenges faced by life sciences entrepreneurs moving innovative and capital-intensive investments from a conceptual stage through to commercialization. Investments drive Canadian business development, economic growth, and scalable impact across the life sciences and healthcare technologies sectors related to human health. This will further grow the sector and strengthen its competitiveness in key areas such as cancer treatment, regenerative medicine, neuroscience, and medical technologies.  

Type of Funding available

Companies are eligible to receive up to $500,000 in early-stage risk capital to scale their made-in-Ontario health solution both at home and in global markets.  

Eligible Applicants

Best suited for life science and healthcare technologies companies related to human health that: 

  • Are Ontario or Canadian incorporated for-profit companies headquartered in Ontario 
  • Current company headcount must be >50% located in Ontario (not projected) 
  • Currently raising a pre-seed or seed investments (total round sizes ranging from $1 million to $5 million) 
  • Have raised less than $3 million in third-party capital 

Eligible Projects 

  • The expectation is to propel Ontario- generated IP, talent, and expertise into new emerging areas of life sciences that offer significant growth opportunities 


The program is currently accepting applications, submit a statement of interest to begin your application.  

Call EVAMAX today to get started on your application! 

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