The Quebec Provincial Government Offers Support for Innovation Projects


The province of Quebec is making strides in helping to support its businesses implement and accelerate various innovative projects. Investissement Québec will act as an agent of the Government of Québec and will help to support innovation projects by providing funding for product and process innovations in Quebec. This funding opportunity will aim to contribute to improving the productivity and competitiveness of SMEs and will also contribute to the integration of innovation into solutions that will give a competitive advantage to Québec businesses, and generate maximum economic spinoffs for Québec. This funding opportunity is here to accelerate the implementation of innovation projects on a provincial scale and ultimately help lead to economic growth.

Type of Funding Available

This funding opportunity will allow you to get up to $150,000 to cover 50% of the costs of project planning, R&D, technology validation and technological showcase activities relating to the development of innovative products or processes.

For each project, the financial assistance granted to applicants takes the form of a non-repayable contribution. The percentage of how much aid you receive is dependent on the type of project that you are dealing with.

Project Type

Sole business

  • Maximum aid rate – 30% if eligible expenses
  • Cumulation of government aid – 50% of eligible expenses
  • Maximum aid amount – $100,000 per project

Company carrying out a collaborative project

  • Maximum aid rate – 50% of eligible expenses
  • Cumulation of government aid – 75% of eligible expenses
  • Maximum aid amount – $150,000 per business

Company carrying out demonstration in real situation of operation or use technological showcase

  • Maximum aid rate – 50% of eligible expenses
  • Cumulation of government aid – 75% of eligible expenses
  • Maximum aid amount – $350,000 per project

Eligible Applicants

  • a single enterprise
  • a business combination
  • an enterprise or a group of enterprises, in collaboration with one or more public research centers in Québec

A project may be carried out with a partner established outside Québec if it generates substantial results and economic and technological spinoffs for Québec.

Eligible Projects

Product or process innovation projects, from the planning stage to the pre-commercialization stage are eligible.

Innovation projects must meet all the following criteria:

  • The project must relate to the development of a new product or process or to the significant improvement of an existing product or process
  • The project must demonstrate the degree of innovation required, i.e., the product or process must have a decisive advantage over existing solutions in the market and the sector of activity concerned, at the national or international level
  • The project must involve a technological and/or business risk or uncertainty for the company
  • The project must have required (or will require) research and development efforts
  • The project must demonstrate commercial potential


This is a continuous intake program that is always accepting applications.

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