Transform your Business Today by Coding Away

Transform your Business Today by Coding Away

As an entrepreneur, the necessity of having programming/coding knowledge is vital. If this knowledge doesn’t seem relevant to your business now, you are missing out. A common misconception is that coding experience is only valuable for tech companies.

Having even basic knowledge of the fundamentals of coding can be greatly beneficial to your business, regardless of your product focus. This knowledge can be applied to a variety of your company procedures particularly data organization and reporting as well as customer relationship management software (CRM). 


Organization of your data determines how timely you can fetch the endless amount of information you have on file, such as sales details and task management. With coding, programming knowledge you’re bound to have a better understanding of sorting information, creating ‘shortcuts’, find patterns and utilize data warehouse applications to their fullest potential. 

Utilizing information technology (IT) tools such as querying tools to interpret database patterns can help your company analyze growth and sales performance better. 

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Having at least a general understanding of programming will allow your company to take advantage of well-developed database organization software platforms.  

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Not only does having coding/programming language help you on the backend of your business but also the frontend. If your company’s key focus includes building positive customer relationships as well as increasing sales, its time to invest in a Customer Relationship Management system.

CRM ensures accuracy as well as efficiency when its cloud-based, which is constantly updating to gather the latest data for you. In order to optimize productivity on a CRM system, it is crucial to have a team that has a basic knowledge of programming and coding. This knowledge is applicable when managing client data by supporting sales management, integration with social media platforms, manage team communication.  

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It’s important to have experienced technical leaders as well as experienced developers but also to make sure your team has a fundamental understanding of coding. This knowledge can be transformative as it can change your approach to projects, making use of software applications, planning and implementing technological initiatives.

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Start your team on basic crash courses and training programs, so that your team works more efficiently with tech leaders and delivers projects on time. Providing your team members with training can have a strain on your finances, be sure to keep an eye out for funding grants you can apply to. Including: 

Take advantage of EVAMAX’s experience to file paperwork for training grants. We understand the importance of training your employees to optimize productivity and increase your company’s potential for growth. 

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