Growing Atlantic Canada – Commercialization Consulting and Mentoring Program

Atlantic Canada is one of Canada’s fastest developing regions, with people coming to settle from all over Canada and many places around the world. As these communities are seeing rapid growth, businesses need to grow to support the communities.

With Atlantic Canada experiencing growth in the communities, the companies based there need to grow as well. To help support the growth of businesses looking to commercialize products, technologies, or processes to market the Commercialization Consulting and Mentoring Program, will provide funding to assist with hiring consultants or mentors.

Type of Funding available 

Businesses can receive up to $16,250, up to 65% of project costs, to hire consultants or mentors to help get a new and innovative product, technology or process to market, or to host group learning activities that will improve knowledge and preparedness for commercialization

Eligible Applicants 

To be eligible for assistance through CCM, you must be registered and operating in one of the four Atlantic Provinces as a:

  • Small or medium sized businesses
  • University or Community College
  • Research Institution (excluding Federal labs)

CCM is open to all industry sectors, except retail/wholesale, real estate, government services, personal or social services, and softwood lumber.

Eligible Projects 

An eligible product, technology, or process must be:

  1. New – Not yet in the marketplace.
  • Applications may still be considered if reference sales have occurred as part of a testing or pilot phase, over a limited timeframe.
  • The project is not eligible if it is already in the marketplace and the applicant is searching for new geographic markets.
  • The project is not eligible if it is a new version or an upgrade of an existing offering.
  1. Innovative & Unique
  • Offers a solution that meets new requirements, unarticulated needs, or more effectively meets existing market needs.
  • Clearly differentiated from other solutions in the marketplace.
  • If applicable, have rights to its patent, trademark, or intellectual property (held or pending).
  1. Situated at or above Technology Readiness Level7: Prototype ready for demonstration in an appropriate operational environment.


Applications are currently being accepted for this program.

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