SR&ED Program or SRED (Scientific Research and Experimental Development)

Finance your R&D efforts through the SR&ED tax credit incentive program—the largest federal program that supports R&D in Canada. Learn more about eligibility and what the SR&ED program has to offer below.

What is the R&D Refunds (SRED) or SR&ED Program?

When we hear R&D, we think of a science lab or white coat or NASA! Fortunately, the SR&ED (SRED) program is applicable far beyond this imagination and in fact is a hidden source of financing for your company.

To encourage businesses to undertake Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) SRED activities in Canada, the Federal Government provides one of the most generous R&D cash refund / tax incentive programs in the world.

The program is more technical than financial.

In combination with various provincial programs, companies may recover up to 68% of the qualified cost. And EVAMAX can help you to recover those costs.
This program also goes by various names such as SR&ED or SRED, R&D (Research & Development) Tax Credit, Research Tax Credit, R&D Credit, Research & Experimentation Tax Credit, Investment Tax Credit, R&D Funding.

SRED Overview

These tax incentives come in three forms: a reduction of taxes, an investment tax credit, or a cash refund. This program is the largest federal program that supports R&D in Canada. In fact, the program provides more than $3 billion in tax incentives to over 20,000 claimants each year.
The program provides SRED tax incentives for three types of research:

Basic Research

Work done to advance scientific knowledge without any practical application in mind.

Applied Research

Work done to advance scientific knowledge specifically for a practical purpose.

Experimental Development

Work done to achieve a technological advancement to create new or improve existing products or processes.

The work must be done in Canada and can be done either by the company itself or on behalf of the company by another party such as a contractor or research institute.

Myths & Facts About SR&ED (SRED)

It is for high tech sector and for lab coat R&D only —so I can’t claim any benefit Any industry can get the benefit of the SR & ED program as long as there has been an attempt for a technological improvement/advancement. These benefits include not only the research cost but also wages, capital expenditures and overheads.
It has more incentives for small companies than larger corporations It has more incentives for small companies then larger corporation.
Our R&D work was not successful You can get a refund even if the experimentation failed.
I don’t pay taxes, how can I get a credit? You can get a refund even if you have not filed taxes or declared loss.
We spent a lot of money on experimental projects but didn’t make the sale. It is about expenditure…NOT sales.
I don’t have time for all the paperwork involved in claiming SR&ED or SRED benefits. My accountant never mentioned about it to me either. The program is more technical than financial... Specialists at EVAMAX can simplify the process by taking the paper chase off your shoulders.

What Qualifies for SRED?

If you are a Proprietorship, a Partnership, or a Corporation carrying on a business in Canada and conduct any of the following activities, it is likely that your company qualifies under the SR&ED program:

Based on the type of entity, you may qualify for the following benefits:

Canadian-controlled private corporations (CCPC)

Private companies controlled by Canadian ownership can earn a refundable tax credit up to 68% on qualified SR&ED / SRED costs.

Other Corporations

Public companies or Private companies not controlled by Canadian ownership can earn a tax credit up to 30% qualified SR&ED costs that can be applied to reduce taxes payable.

Individuals and trusts

Individuals (proprietorships) and trust can earn a refundable tax credit up to 30% on qualified SR&ED costs.

Members of a partnership

Since a partnership is not a taxpayer, it cannot earn a tax credit itself on SR&ED. The members of the partnership, however, can claim SR&ED tax credits. They do so by claiming SR&ED at the partnership level and then allocating the credit to the individual partners who can then claim it on their personal tax returns. 

What SRED Costs Are Claimable?

What Does Not Qualify SRED (SR&ED)?

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