NSERC Engage

This program is designed to give innovative companies that operate from a Canadian base access to the knowledge, expertise and capabilities available at Canadian universities and colleges. These grants are intended to foster the development of new research partnerships by supporting short-term research and development projects aimed at addressing a company-specific problem.

How Much Funding?

Up to $25,000 over six months

Who Qualifies?

- Operate independently in Canada
- Operating for at least two years or be projected for exceptional growth;
- Have at least two full-time employees;
- Have participating staff with relevant expertise;
- Actively generate revenue from sales or have significant private sector investment
- Have a plan and capacity to exploit the research results within Canada.

Eligible Activities & Expenditures

- The project must generate new knowledge or apply existing knowledge in an innovative way to solve a company-specific problem.
- This problem must relate directly to the company’s products and services.
- The company must be able to further develop the results after the project is completed.
- The project must have short-term objectives.

Program Deadline




Approval Rate


Time Saved


Fee Saved