Commercialize Innovation

The risk of commercializing your innovation comes with rewards of new opportunities & challenges to excel & grow.
To enable business to reap these rewards, the Canadian Federal & Provincial governments provide several innovation grants & funds that subsidize the costs of commercialization. These programs provide opportunities for businesses to improve the sales and marketing of technologies, increase growth and competitiveness, and assist with exporting to new, foreign markets.

Benefits of Commercializing Innovation

Many Canadian firms have untapped potential to innovate or commercialize their innovative technologies. Innovation is the key for businesses to stay competitive and grow; commercialization leads to further opportunities including exports into foreign markets. However, many businesses tend to shy away from taking advantage of these opportunities. This may be due to the upfront investment or effort required. Fortunately, there are government funding programs that can help reduce the financial burden of commercializing innovation and can help with the sales and marketing of those technologies in high-potential international markets.

Programs are offered across various sectors and to businesses at all levels of innovation and commercialization. Programs support a wide range of activities to help Canadian businesses tackle any obstacles keeping them from reaching their full potential in international markets.

Funding Programs for Commercializing Innovation


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